One of the things you would want to do, if you were a strongman, ala Vladimir Putin or so many others throughout history, is delegitimize and intimidate the press.  Click here for a taste of that if you missed Rachel Maddow Tuesday night. And if you agree this is a danger to our democracy, perhaps subscribe to the New York Times and the Washington Post, among others, to help keep them strong.

Could one of these credit cards be worth switching to, if you have good credit and never run a balance?

I was pleased to see SMBC — first suggested here at $11 five years ago — touch $36 yesterday. (Thanks, Chris Brown!)  It may go higher, of course, but especially in a tax-free account, this could be a good time to take your triple and park it on the sidelines while you look for something else.

Not to go all . . . “money” . . . on you.  But there was a time that was my main focus.  If you enjoy reading about money, two of my books have just been posted as e-books: Getting By On $100,000 A Year (And Other Sad Tales) and Money Angles.  Ancient history, of course, but what do you want for $5.95?



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