Donald Trump flanked by Christmas trees: “When I started 18 months ago I told my first crowd that we’re going to come back here someday and we are going to say ‘Merry Christmas’ again. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.”

Chris Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager: “You can say Merry Christmas again because Donald Trump is now the president. You can say it again. It’s OK to say. It’s not a pejorative word anymore.”

For those who actually believe President Obama had some kind of war on Christmas — just as they doubt his place of birth and the science of climate change  — please bathe in these must-watch, heartfelt Christmas wishes from the President of the United States.

But I second the President Elect: Merry Christmas.


A Hamilton Chanukah at the White House.  So good.  Oy!

Want more?  Another, on stage. Oy! Oy! Oy!

Wonder who got the biggest Christmas gift from this past election — at least so far?  The answer is not “the workers at Carrier,” as you might expect; nor the Trumps themselves, though their fortunes seem to be rising fast.  No, it’s Goldman Sachs, whose stock closed at $182 on Election Day and $240 Thursday — a $32 billion gift.

Now, more than ever:

Peace On Earth, Good Will To Man.

And (says the aggressive atheist):

God bless us . . . everyone.

Click that link: an hour twenty-seven in black and white, as it was meant to be seen.  (Colorized?  Humbug!)

I ask you: is there anything more wonderful than the spirit of Christmas?



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