The first is fake.


It’s Jimmy Kimmel running Sean Hannity’s devastating criticism of Joe Biden — but with clips of Trump.

Devastating, indeed.

The second — 100% real — starts (after a brief ad) about a minute in, where Hannity asks Trump whether Putin’s actions in Ukraine are evil.

The next three minutes are Trump’s unedited answer.



House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia.

How did I miss this at the time?


Before amazing Charles there was amazing Scot.  (How did I ever get so lucky?)  And when Scot got frustrated, he would sometimes say, “Just because you can argue better doesn’t mean you’re right.”

Well, to my Trump-supporting friends I say . . .

Just because you haven’t read the Mueller Report doesn’t mean it’s findings aren’t shocking.

The Russia connections were ever so real, as were the multiple indictable obstructions of justice.

A lot of us think justice is a good thing, better served when not obstructed.


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