After a man backed his truck through the gates of the Russian Embassy on Orwell Road in Dublin (no one was injured; the man was arrested), the embassy issued a statement:

The incident is cause of extreme concern. We believe that no people of sound mind could support such senseless and barbaric actions . . .

Eliciting this tart response on Irish TV.


Russia is appalled by barbarism.

I love that the Russian Embassy is located on Orwell Road.

War is peace,” and all that.

Bears repeating:

Meanwhile, to protect children — no party cares more about children until they’re born and less about them once they are — Florida Republicans have banned 41% of all the math text books for teaching critical race theory and touching on other banned topics.  This has all been done in a completely transparent manner (except for disclosing the titles of the books or citing any of the offending passages).

Have a great week.



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