Bret Stephens on Israel:

Israel’s new government must be a puzzle for anyone who thinks of the Jewish state as a racist, fascistic, apartheid enterprise.

Issawi Frej is Arab and Muslim and used to work for the Peace Now movement. Now he’s Israel’s minister for regional cooperation. Pnina Tamano-Shata is Black: The Mossad rescued her, along with thousands of other Ethiopian Jews, from hunger and persecution when she was a small child. She’s the minister for immigration and absorption. Nitzan Horowitz is the first openly gay man to lead an Israeli political party. He’s the health minister. At least one deputy minister, as yet unnamed, is expected to be a member of the Raam party, which is an outgrowth of the major Islamist political group in Israel. . . .

Former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper on Israel:  As clear and relevant today, two years later, as when he first made the case.  Given the awful plight of the Palestinians and — finally — a fresh regime in Israel, maybe further progress can be made toward lifting up the Palestinian people.

Read Stephens?  Watch Harper?

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