You could spend $3,000 for two seats in Row S to see Springsteen on Broadway starting soon at the St. James Theater  . . . and I know you’re tempted . . . but I suggest you watch it right now, or at your convenience, free, on Netflix.

It’s his life story, it’s poetry, and it’s wonderful.

You’re welcome.

Global approval of the United States has soared — with 75% of respondents to a Pew Research Center survey in 12 advanced economies expressing confidence in Biden’s global leadership, up from 17% for Trump’s.  For those of us who want to be thought well of around the world, it’s heartening.  In the eyes of the world — and not just the “s-t hole countries” Trumpers disdain — we’ve begun to make America great again.

George Ehlers: “Whenever I see videos like the one you posted Thursday (WE ARE DOOMED) — they were a staple when Jay Leno hosted The Tonight Show — a question arises: Would anyone who answered these questions correctly be shown on the video?  Perhaps we are not quite as doomed as all that.”

→ For sure.  That “goes without saying” – but perhaps I should have said it anyway.  Thanks, George!

Have a great weekend.



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