To keep Earth habitable we need to plant trees.

This Canadian team is using drones to plant a hoped-for 100,000 a day, as described here.

If one little outfit can do this, it’s not entirely crazy to imagine multiplying it 1,000-fold . . . and suddenly you’re planting 100 million a day.  Not every day in every climate.  But 200 such days around the globe?  That would be 20 billion a year.  (There are 3 trillion now, but every additional 20 billion have to help.)

This charismatic mayor is planting a million in her home town before she leaves office in 2022. 

Share her TED Talk with your mayor?  In addition to planting trees, it builds community.

This entrepreneur/philanthropist plants trees to rescue orphansHe is my friend John Noel, and told me of his plan a dozen years ago.  Lo and behold, 30,000 of the 300,000 fast-growing hardwood trees he planted are now ready for harvest . . . and look what it’s done for the orphanage . . . and should continue to do in perpetuity.

In case you’re rich and want to make a similar investment, I can hook you up.

And wait — did you see this, Sunday?  Are the trees talking about us?



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