There’s so much cause for hope!

Take three minutes to watch this trailer!


What a time to be alive.

And since that will take you just three minutes (if you’re too busy to then watch the whole documentary in the comfort of your home) . . .

. . . let me take a minute more to re-plug A Promised Land, which the greatest president of my lifetime is reading me aloud, at my convenience, to let me know what life has looked like from his perspective.

Even if you dislike Obama, I think you’ll find it engrossing — much as I did Chris Christie’s book a few years back even though I was no fan.

The truth is, listening to Christie’s book made me dislike him less.

Okay, almost like him.

(None of us is all good or bad.*)

And I’m glad of that.

Listening to Obama, if they give him that chance, I think even Carl and Tom will find things to admire and with which to agree.

I would be glad of that as well.

*Tom Hanks and Stephen Miller come close, respectively.



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