There’s a pretty remarkable back story to this I’d like to tell one day soon, but for now, I need you to do me a favor.  Watch this video and then, if you’re sold:

  • Share it with your list
  • Give $25, if you can

You’ll be changing a family’s life and helping me, because I’ve put up more than $100,000 to help bring this project along — which will count for nothing if it doesn’t in fact capture people’s imagination and take off.

Here’s how Carry The Light founder Stacey Bent describes the impact one of her husband Mark’s lights can have:

A solar flashlight really doesn’t seem to most like the best or most appropriate response to human suffering, and yet my hope is that when people are finished watching this video, they’ll understand  why it’s actually one of the most powerful relief items that can be distributed, and one that has a huge domino effect.  I don’t know of any other relief item that for $25 can impact 5 people for years  . . . without creating any dependencies and that actually, to the contrary, frees up to 20% of household income every month, forever.  It’s an amazing mathematical force multiplier.

Think about it: for a billion people, the day ends when the sun sets.

Watch the video.  And if you’re sold, carry the light.




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