I still like Home Depot for the long run.  Its 7% gain since having been suggested a couple of months ago wouldn’t keep me from buying more if I didn’t already have a nice chunk — but for the long term.  I have no idea where it, or the market, will be in a six months.

Meanwhile, a stock Guru and I recently paid as much as $20.70 for last month — AKBA — can now be yours for about half the price.  Of course, if it goes to zero, you will lose the same 100% we do.  But Guru thinks “It should be in the 30s or 40s.  It’s the wave of the future of anemia management and although it’s behind Fibrogen, it has a drug that looks structurally similar, certainly works well, and didn’t kill anyone.  No question: it’s a medical breakthrough.”  If it did ever hit $40, you’d have nearly a quadruple while, on the first shares I bought, I’d have only a double.  I hate you.





“Cynicism is a choice.  Hope is a better choice.” — Barack Obama



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