Oh, those French.  Four minutes of towel dancing.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.


Guess who appears to be guilty of insider trading?   S.E.C. employees.


Microsoft Level II “Pat” called me precisely on time tonight from the Philippines, but by the time he did I had discovered the problem:  Microsoft Outlook 2013 works fine in Miami and Washington, but if you use one of the two main Internet providers in New York, it won’t release outgoing emails until you return to Miami.  (This was not a feature of Microsoft Outlook 2010.)  Yes, Pat explained.  “When you get back to New York, call us again and we’ll help you adjust the settings for your Internet provider.”


You’re smart and interested in stuff — care to give fledgling IdeaPod a spin?  (Full disclosure: I have a tiny interest.)  It launched in beta February 20.  Early press:

> VentureBeat: “If Upworthy launched a social network, this is what it would look like”

> PSFK: “Visual idea-sharing platform connects people with passions”

> The Culture-Ist: “Like Pinterest, but Better: The New Social Media Platform That’s About to Change the World”

> PandoDaily: “Ideapod is a social network for ideas, not to be confused with those other non-idea social networks”

> InTheCapital: “Meet Ideapod: Upworthy Meets Pinterest in Social Media Platform for Life-Changing Ideas”

Without gossip, edge, and naked boys towel dancing, I don’t really see how this site makes it.  But I didn’t see A Chorus Line making it on Broadway and suggested Google puts when the stock was $150, so with any luck I’ll again be hugely wrong.



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