I mentioned my hero Mark Plotkin the other day (helping to save millions of acres of Amazon rain forest, without which we would never have had rubber). Well, read him here on shamans and the importance of hallucinogenic frog slime.

At the other extreme from natural herbal medicine is this artificial pericardium that, after another 10 or 15 years of refinement, might keep your heart beating more or less forever.  (So: moisturize.  And fully fund your Roth IRA.  You could be around a long time.)

If this post seems short, thank Microsoft, whose Outlook software has decided not to send my outgoing mail.  Mail comes in fine, but replies get trapped in the Outbox and never leave.  It’s a novel feature that appeared out of the blue.  Because I know somebody, I got right through to tech support — they didn’t even ask for my credit card or serial number (seriously? could this be Microsoft??) and a mere 40 minutes later the technician returned control of my screen, explaining that he would escalate my case to Level II, and that their tech would call me back tomorrow.  I explained that I am an immensely important person — that I actually shook hands with Bill Gates once in 1988 — and that “tomorrow” just wouldn’t do.  So tomorrow between 8pm and 10pm it will be. (I hope.)



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