It seems former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has decided that the Supreme Court’s actions in Bush v. Gore may have been a mistake.  (“Now She Tells Us.”)

In my view, of course, it was a catastrophic mistake, both because Gore won Florida along with the national popular vote . . .

(if you count, for example, the thousands of Florida votes thrown out where “Gore” was punched but also written in — what’s known as an “overvote” — supposedly making it “impossible to discern the intent of the voter”)

. . . and also because President Bush mis-led us into war and wrecked our national balance sheet.  And impeded the stem cell research that might now not come in time to save your life.  And tipped the court even further to the ideological right.  And ignored the climate change crisis.  And on and on and on.

President Bush is fun to be around.  A bunch of his college classmates I know affirm this; and in my 30 seconds with him last year he was charming.  He is also a far better painter than I could ever be.  But he was a disastrous president.  (Paul Krugman nails it here.)

And now the Bush Library has opened in Dallas, designed to mislead some more.  Watch this clip . . . and the one that follows with Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.

If only Justice O’Connor had voted the other way.



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