First, the scary video.  Have you seen it?  Two minutes, warning of explosions in Greenwich Village and a new cancer risk you can’t avoid without moving to a different neighborhood.  In New York, this video is going viral.

But there are already natural gas pipelines throughout the City and they don’t generally blow up . . . and new pipelines, I would guess, are less likely to blow up than old ones, though I have no expertise in this area.

The concerns about fracking unquestionably deserve close consideration.  This recent article in Popular Mechanics is at least somewhat reassuring: “Is Fracking Safe? The Top 10 Controversial Claims About Natural Gas Drilling.”  (Did you know, for example, that the famous water faucet we all saw on TV that caught fire when a match was lit wasn’t related to fracking after all?)

In a perfect world, an article like this would accompany that viral video.

This is not a perfect world.

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