Blind-copying me and the rest of his list yesterday:

Hello Everyone,

Be sure to read the Andrew Tobias column today,, as I received honorable mention.

Of all the topics to criticize our beloved DJT about is his dislike of the military.  The military will vote in very high percentages for President Trump, who has rebuilt our defenses following the anti-military, anti-Constitution Barack Hussein Obama allowed its depletion.  Unnamed sources as usual were the source of the NYT article, just as unnamed sources are quoted about the Donald’s taxes.

BTW, I heard from reliable sources that Andrew Tobias has said he thinks Joe Biden has very serious mental issues.  I will be glad to divulge my sources when the NYT exposes the 187 unnamed sources that have contributed to unfavorable articles about President Trump.

Of course, Tom has heard no such thing.

I guess his point is to ridicule anything learned from “reliable sources.”

I.e., just as you shouldn’t believe what he is pretending to have heard, neither (he seems to be saying) should you believe what professional journalists — with the approval, upon review, of their editors — report they have heard from “reliable sources.”

Information fed to Facebook and Twitter from Putin operatives working hard to divide us may be credible; but from Pulitzer-prize-winning journalists, no Trump criticism can be believed if the sources, fearing retribution, won’t go on the record.

That seems to be Tom’s point.

Yet neither can Tom accept anything Trump-negative from sources who are willing to be named.

Tom won’t read Michael Cohen’s book — Cohen was an eye-witness to and co-conspirator in many of Trump’s misdeeds.  He’s got tapes and documents.

Tom won’t read Bob Woodward’s meticulously sourced book.

He won’t read Robert Cardillo’s first-hand account.

He won’t read that statement signed by more than a thousand Republican and Democratic former federal prosecutors. (“Each of us believes that the conduct of President Trump described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report [represent] multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.”)

He won’t read this round-up of named Republicans who have declared their opposition to Trump.

Or this hugely damning letter signed by 70 former Republican national security officials endorsing Biden.

To Tom, none of it matters.

It would just be too humiliating to admit Trump is not the right man to lead the country and the world.

That’s the box Trump has gotten himself and his followers into.

He never expected to be president.  But one thing led to another.

(As to Tom’s assertion that “the military will vote in very high percentages for President Trump,” I sent him this Military Times poll showing Biden LEADING Trump – and noted  that it was taken BEFORE it became known Trump had called soldiers “losers” and “suckers” for choosing to serve.)

Though in most ways I’m sure bright, nice, ethical people, Tom and Carl will not change their minds.  Let Trump walk down Fifth Avenue shooting people and they’ll still be with him.  So this is what we’re up against.

Volunteer!  Contribute!  Recruit poll workers!  Vote!


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