But first . . .

Robert Cardillo:  I served under six presidents — four Republicans, two Democrats — only one has failed to serve U.S. national security interests.”

. . . President Donald Trump’s decision to rely upon the word of dictators like Vladimir Putin is an unprecedented betrayal of his oath to the Constitution. Our current president bases his decisions on his instincts, and his instincts are based upon a personal value proposition — what’s in it for me?

As a Commander in Chief, President Trump comes up tragically short. . . .

Tom and Carl simply don’t care.

“Benghazi!” they reply. (Nine Republican-led investigations found no wrongdoing.)

Her emails!  (No harm done; and, in any event: she’s not the one running.)

Hunter!  (He’s not the one running, either, and — unlike Trump’s son-in-law, who leveraged U.S. relations with Qatar for hundreds of millions of dollars — he won’t be put in charge of everything.)

The dossier!  (Every Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee agrees: “the Russia thing” was not a hoax, not a witch hunt.  The FBI and Mueller investigations were justified.)

Carl and Tom are too dug in to consider Cardillo’s assessment.

Too dug in to more than chuckle at a supposed billionaire paying $750 a year in taxes.

Yet there must be millions of others who have at least the nagging feeling Trump is not the man they’d hoped he’d be.

Share Cardillo’s op-ed with them.

Because as Frank Bruni so compellingly warns: “America is in terrible danger.”

And now . . .

There are two kinds of people in the world:  those who hear, “Have fun storming the . . . ” and immediately smile for reasons I don’t have to explain; and those whose lives, while they may be otherwise joy-filled, are not fully complete.

If you fall into either category, you can have great fun chipping in to help win Wisconsin and watch a replay of The Princess Bride reunion that was staged a few days ago with all the living actors (R.I.P., Peter Falk and Andre the Giant), and director Rob Reiner.  It’s great.

Have fun storming Wisconsin.

Volunteer!  Contribute!  Recruit poll workers!  Vote!



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