Hey — no guns at the Republican National Convention?  Really?  What better place to demonstrate the wisdom of open carry?  (Details here.)

Congress’s Benghazi hearings have now lasted longer, at 610 days, than its investigations into the Kennedy Assassination, Watergate, Iran-Contra, or 9/11.  (Latest finding here.)

This 3-minute Tea Party clip lauds a former Navy Seal for views you will find misinformed, hateful, and scary.  (I’m on their email list and get something like this every day.)

Warren K.: “I could not disagree more with Warren S.  Your piece was sarcastic, yes, but more than justifiably so. The language was strong, but the underlying facts even stronger. I feel pretty confident that more than a few of your Republican readers had to reconsider their position as they read it through.”

Tom Friedman posits an extremist who would run in 2020 from the right and left simultaneously, clearing the deck for dramatic changes that cry out to be made.  Unfortunately, he notes, for this to be anywhere near plausible, we’d have to find ourselves in dire straits.  As we were, for example, when Bush handed the nation to Obama.  But I digress.



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