I am so not into sports.

Once the Dodgers left Brooklyn, I lost interest — which, truth to tell, I only feigned in the first place.

Even as the starting left halfback on my high school’s varsity soccer team* I was right-footed.

But if I were into sports, I’d rush to download the DailyBracket app.

Not only is it free; it pays you if you win.  (No, really.)

Every day, you swipe left or right, depending on who you think will win each of five highlighted games.  If you get three or more right, you advance towards cash prizes ranging from $1 (that even I could easily win) on up past $50 and $100 and $10,000 all the way to $1 million (that no one, I’m pretty sure, will ever win).

Touch a game ball before you swipe and you get a little color to help you decide.

“A fan’s dream come true — finally, an app that gives you a nightly rooting interest with absolutely no risk involved.”  (But, I’m guessing, this being America, you’ll be offered ways to send money their way, as well . . . though only if you want to.)

Full disclosure: the genius behind this is a friend of mine.  And if you use 3MDR as your referral code, I’ll get 100 BracketBucks, good for swag in the Daily Bracket store.  I could really use another baseball cap.

Have a great weekend.

*It was a very small high school.



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