Paul Lerman: ‘Great space-bar tip Monday (I didn’t know that one either) and I didn’t know this one until last week: If you type, e.g., qb into your address bar and then hit CTRL-ENTER, the rest will be inserted automatically at the appropriate places. No need to type ‘http://www.’ or ‘.com.”

☞ That works in Internet Explorer. In AOL 5.0 it does not (maybe in 6.0?). But if you type (or .org or .gov) and then Enter, AOL usually does the rest.

Tom Mathies: ‘Another trick when browsing: use the ESC key to freeze flashing ads….works at least for Netscape and Internet Explorer.’

Craig Wiegert: ‘Tab-Space doesn’t scroll up for me (Netscape/Linux). Backspace, however, does.’


George Berger: ‘I hate to nitpick, but after one more in a long stream of TiVo articles I had to say something. TiVo has a competitor that I have never seen you mention – Replay TV. I’ve had one of their units for a little over a year now and I love it. I think it has a slight edge over the TiVo in that it has the 30-second skipahead feature you mentioned will be available on the Microsoft version. Otherwise I think it’s pretty much equivalent. With all the attention being lavished on TiVo to the neglect of Replay, I’m worried that I might end up with tomorrow’s Betamax.’

☞ I did buy a Betamax, years ago. That’s why I bought a TiVo and not a Replay. It just seemed to be the one catching on. But I’ve heard that Replay is great, too – enjoy!


Inspired by Bryan Norcross’s riffs on keeping time – the most recent of which some of you missed because Q-Page delivery was down Tuesday (sorry) – Mark Langenderfer points us here.


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