Press the SPACE BAR. See that? I never knew that! Apparently, this works on all web pages, not just mine. The SPACE BAR functions just as the ‘PageDown’ key or scroll bar would, and is a lot easier.

I didn’t know that!

(You know the long ‘masterpages’ you get in Quickbrowse, when you have it stitch a whole bunch of separate pages together for you? E.g., the whole New York Times and Wall Street Journal on a single loooooong masterpage? Or all the items you’re interested in on eBay? The easiest way to scroll down through all that is just to keep tapping the Space Bar.)

Tab-SPACE BAR scrolls you back up.


Diane Smith: ‘You encourage readers to purchase inflation-adjusted savings bonds online with a credit card, ‘and get the frequent-flier miles or any of the other goodies that credit cards award.’ I ordered approximately $100,000 worth of bonds on my Chase cards during the past two years & received miles for them (including as recently as December), earning me four tickets to Europe on Continental. Chase Visa recently notified me that savings bond purchases are ‘cash transactions and don’t earn frequent flier miles.’ If this is false, I would strongly encourage you to dissuade people from using their Chase Visa cards to purchase bonds (or anything else!).’

☞ Well, the FAQ section on the government’s web site states:

Q: Is this considered a merchandise purchase or a cash advance?

A: Your savings bond purchase is treated as a merchandise purchase. It is not a cash advance.

So you may have a beef with Chase, Diane. Or maybe Chase doesn’t care what the government thinks. In any event, I’m glad you got four tickets to Europe. Maybe instead of asking people to tip me with cash (that sure didn’t work) I should suggest they send miles.


Down a little more than 58% from its high, the NASDAQ is a lot more interesting here than it was at the top. Where the bottom will be, I have no idea. But Intel looks better at 27 than it did six months ago at 75, and Oracle looks better at 17 than it did at 46.


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