Is Donald Trump Constitutionally Ineligible To Be President?

He is — but should we enforce that?  You decide.

Henry Kissinger on artificial intelligence.

He’s 99 but urging us to think ahead.

And speaking of thinking ahead, I told you last year Why RCN’s Customer Service May Determine America’s Future.  I feel moved to to report that — though they’ve changed their name to “Astound Broadband” — they still require a human to suspend or resume service.  Why not just a simple website menu option: Suspend/Resume Service?  After 17 minutes of discussion, confirming twice when I wanted service suspended and resumed (the human I reached is an expert at suspending and resuming service), she announced that service cannot be suspended in advance; I’d have to call back on suspension day.  I say again: her talent could be so much more productively deployed.  (Even Lenin recognized that productivity is the key to economic success.)



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