For former and future studentsas seen here.  The debt relief strikes a balance.  Those who think low-income folks have had it too easy the last few decades — while the uber-rich and giant corporations that pay little or no tax have had it too rough — will not like the balance.  But those who think inequality has grown too extreme may decide these changes are well thought through and a step in a better direction.

For democracy — because it’s becoming increasingly clear that those who reject the Big Lie, reject authoritarian rule, reject the sale of weapons of war to 18-year-olds while forcing young girls to carry their rapists’ babies to term . . . are coming out to vote.

It’s still going to require all hands on deck — this guy just tossed the Republicans $1.65 billion — but those who were until recently certain we’d lose the House are no longer so sure.

Back in June I posted How We Hold The House.  I believe it’s as true today as it was then.  It may just now seem less far-fetched.

Even Florida might surprise folks.  Val Demings just might beat Marco Rubio.  And former moderate Republican Florida Governor (now moderate Democratic Congressman) Charlie Crist just might beat Ron DeSantis.

Tomorrow, I’ll likely post a little about that.



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