Days ago, a political savant arrived for dinner and announced: “We’re going to lose the House.”

“No we’re not!” I said.

“Yes, we are,” he lamented.

“The odds are against us, but — ”

“A hundred percent.”

“Not a hundred percent!  What would you have said in 2020 the odds were that Warnock and Ossoff — a black man and a Jew — would have won Senate races in Republican-controlled Georgia?”

“Well, I would have said the same.”


I totally get that the odds are against us.

But I also get that . . .

. . . if all the women who are outraged by Republicans wanting to control their bodies . . .

. . . and all the men who love them (and don’t want to be forced to be fathers) . . .

. . . and all those who feel threatened by a party that attracts 100% of the white supremacist vote* . . .

. . . and all the young people who care about climate change . . .

. . . and gun violence . . .

. . . and all the union members . . .

. . . and non-union members who want a decent minimum wage . . .

. . . if all the moderate Americans uncomfortable with a party whose leader “would like to punch him in the face” (or “grab ’em by the pussy”) . . .

. . . if all those small-d democrats appalled by autocracy — whether Putin bombing hospitals or Republicans voting to overturn a presidential election . . .

. . . who believe that the Washington Post, even if more liberal than they, is not the enemy of the people . . .

. . . but rather that, as the Post says, “democracy dies in darkness” . . .

. . . if all those people go out and vote five months from now, we will win enormous House and Senate majorities.

Of course, they all won’t, so the contest will be much, much closer.

But they could, and they should, and helping to inspire enough of them to do so is why we need to step up.

Join our local chapters of the League of Women Voters . . . join Field Team 6 . . .  join Vote Forward . . . fund the Party . . . sign up as poll workers.  Anything you can think of to help get the job done.

As we did in Georgia in 2020.

Nor is Georgia 2020 the only heartening thing we have to point to.

Last month, Georgia held its primaries.

There was every reason for Republican turn-out to be high — hotly contested high-profile races between the Trump-backed candidates and the others — but nothing in contention on the Democratic side.  Everybody knew Stacey Abrams would be the gubernatorial nominee; Ralph Warnock the nominee, again, for Senate.

Plus, of course, Republicans had made it harder for Democrats to vote.**

And yet, do you know what?

Democratic turn-out in last month’s Georgia primary was through the roof. 

It needs to be through the roof everywhere in November, and anyone who tells you it can’t be is simply wrong.

Or making an excuse not to help.

Which leads me to a long-time friend worth $100 million who speaks eloquently about the need for Democrats to win.

He understands the threat of fascism and the “Jews will not replace us” crowd — yet never gives any money.

He prefers to give to candidates directly, he always tells me; yet in the last five years (you can look anybody up) has given a total of $7,200 to a total of two candidates.***

Don’t be that person.

Except for the $100 million part.  That, I do wish upon you.

Have a great weekend.

Spread the word: we absolutely can win.


*Seriously?  Do you think there is a single white supremacist in America who voted for Biden?

**Even a right-wing pro-Trump “news” outlet acknowledged there was no voter fraud in Georgia.  Yet Georgia Republicans responded by . . . well, read it here.

***The bulk of it (if “bulk” can even apply to $7,200 from a centi-millionaire) to a senator in a safe seat who doesn’t need the money.



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