But first:

Five tips from Natan Sharansky.

He knows something about solitary confinement.

(His fifth tip obviously applies to people of any background.)

And second:

And now:

Douglas Symes: “Please see this brief analysis by St. Louis Fed Chairman James Bullard.  Calls for getting young people back to work fast to avoid a recession are understandable if you think of the pandemic in terms of a normal business cycle — WHICH IT ISN’T.  Bullard estimates that 30% of workers will have to stay home and economic output will drop 50% in the second quarter — but this would not be a recession because it is the desired outcome of ‘hunkering down’ — an investment in public health.  Reading Bullard’s article was like suddenly having everything come into focus.”

In the meantime, it’s really important we not pack the churches by Easter.  As posted at the end of yesterday’s column — calculate your own death toll.

Oh!  And have a great weekend!

Follow those Five Tips!

Do your brain exercises!

Watch a free short film each day you’re shut in!  (Not just this weekend.)



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