But first . . .

I’m guessing you’ve seen this 30-second spot.

It challenges Tom and Carl’s view that the pandemic is being handled well.

To those baffled or disheartened by Trump’s rising poll numbers, it should be noted: Presidents usually become more popular in times of crisis, but by historical standards, Trump’s surge is puny.  George H.W. Bush, a fine and decent man qualified to be president, saw his approval rise to 89% during the first Gulf War . . . and still lost re-election the following year.

Fareed Zakaria argues here that it’s not just Trump’s fault — decades of demonizing government, beginning with Ronald Reagan, have laid the groundwork.

Afraid of commitment? Here are 22 one-season shows to stream right now” . . . from The Washington Post.

And now:

This 55-minute Zoom that a doctor with a unique overview did for friends and family.  Informative and reassuring.  Follow the rules, he says, and you’ll be fine.




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