On weekdays, he never eats anything with a face.

Have you seen this under-four-minute TED talk?  It could change your life.

And while we’re talking food . . . of total inconsequence, but because some of expressed an interest in my expired-food hobby (Hiccups and Hangovers, Parts I and II) . . . I suppose I should raise the issue of “pairing.”  You know?  As our Santorini wine-tasting tour guide tried to teach us?

In this case, however, it was not wine and fish, it was Hellman’s Lite Mayonnaise and fish cubes.

Sunday, I grabbed a half-pound of frozen fish cubes “best used by 11/4/16” . . . microwaved for a minute and then simmered in a frying until golden brown . . . and then paired them with until-recently-unrefrigerated mayonnaise “best used by January 31, 2017.”  Not even three months apart.  Really good.

Watch the afore-linked TED talk!



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