Warren Buffett’s got to be just about the smartest guy around.  But who impresses him?

I would have guessed he’d say the smartest guy he knows is his long-time partner Charlie Munger.  And I’m pretty sure he has said that a lot.  But according to one of you who plays bridge with him from time to time (thanks, Peg!), Warren says this guy is the smartest man he’s ever met.  So I clicked that link, read a fascinating profile — and learned a lot about bridge.

Around the same time, this profile of Alan Alda popped up. Is he not just about the nicest guy ever?  Or at least tied with Tom Hanks for that title?  Enjoy.

The meanest guy, or surely in the running, is Mitch McConnell.  I recently recounted a brief encounter and linked to “How Mitch McConnell’s weak-kneed cowardice makes him the perfect target for agents of power and influence.”

He’s this week renewed his effort to eliminate the estate tax on billionheirs, which is about as terrible an idea as there ever was.

And now, it turns out, he’s got a Russia connection, too.

Have a great weekend.



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