It’s not the 1966 comedy, The Russians Are Coming!  The Russians Are Coming!, it’s the 2017 reality: the Russians are here.  According to all 17 of our intelligence agencies, they have deployed thousands of cyber-agents to disrupt our democracy and weaken the United States.

Our commander-in-chief doesn’t believe it and is doing nothing about it.

The attack — which would clearly seem to be working — is expected to be sustained, permanent, and to include as targets other liberal democracies as well, and the ties that have bound us together, like NATO and the UK’s inclusion in Europe.

Our commander-in-chief has shown no interest in doing anything about it.

Russia’s leadership does not trouble him.

A man who murders political opponents, murders journalists, lies to and steals billions from his countrymen is a man our commander-in-chief can respect. A man whose top aides our commander-in-chief can welcome into the Oval Office with great jocularity — his kinda guys! — while declining even to shake hands with Angela Merkel.

So forget for a minute whether he’s obstructed justice.  And forget for a minute whether he or his team have been or currently are in league with the Russians.  His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was paid $10 million a year to, in his own words, greatly benefit the Russian government — but leave that aside for a minute, too.

We are under attack.  Our commander-in-chief doesn’t care and is doing nothing about it.

Why are 36% of Americans and the Party controlling the House and Senate okay with this?

Is it because we are about to have great health care at a tiny fraction — not just a fraction but a tiny fraction — of the cost?



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