My friend Seth Sikes killed in London earlier this month and will be at 54 Below in NYC this Saturday — invited back for the twelfth time (tickets here) — and up in Provincetown this summer.

But if Seth delights a crowd, that’s nothing compared to the way Trump delights his Cabinet. God, they love him. Their praise is positively fawning! The praise any good autocrat can expect from those who serve him.

(As recounted by David Margolick for the New Yorker, our leader may have gotten the hang of this from the birthday parties his mentor, Roy Cohn, used to throw.  Except that a great many people, including close friends of mine, truly liked the reptilian Cohn, and enjoyed blowing him encomia.  With Trump, I’m not sure Reince Priebus, et al, were having as much fun.)

This six-minute interview with Fareed Zakaria is Canada’s foreign minister’s thoughtful praise of America’s role in the world these past 70 years — for which she thanks us sincerely — and her lament at our having stepped aside.  Thoughtful and important.



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