Sorry for the erratic posting.  I spent a very good — but long — day with 200 fellow DNC donors from around the country this week and there was no time to write a column.

My top-line report?  This is the most professional DNC I’ve seen in my 20+ years’ involvement.  The considerable sum I contributed this past cycle was well invested.  I’ll be contributing a lot more shortly.  I’m psyched.  “History has its eye on us,” Chairman Perez (former Labor Secretary) paraphrased from “Hamilton.”

And it’s true. Never has our democracy been more threatened.

Putin won round one with a surprise attack.

But the tide has begun to turn.

Speaking of which, one of you asks: “IF Trump became President through a criminal conspiracy,” — and we don’t know that yet — “doesn’t that mean that Pence became VP through a criminal conspiracy?”

Even assuming Pence was entirely unaware of, let alone a participant in, any wrongdoing (and we don’t know that yet, either) . . . would he have been VP had Trump not benefited from tens of millions of Russian dollars funneled through the NRA?

From thousands of Russian intelligence operatives posing as Americans on social media?*

Or, for that matter, from the suppression of the Stormy Daniels and Playboy model stories?**

And now, for anyone with a brain . . . how about a gift subscription to BrainHq?  Tom Brady swears by it — so it’s not just for old people.  But a peer-reviewed 2,800-subject study showed that doing just a few hours of these exercises dramatically lowered the incidence of dementia ten years later.  And more than 100 other peer-reviewed papers have added to the chorus that something real happens here — something that doing crossword puzzles does not achieve.

There are even studies showing the exercises help with tinnitus cut down on auto accidents and may help with PTSD.  But the big allure is dementia:  Imagine if a simple gift like this could spare a friend or relative that nightmare — and his or her loved ones the sadness and burden of having to deal with it.

As long-time readers know, I own a small stake in this company.  But don’t let that stop you.  I will apply anything I earn from your purchase to an extension of your subscription.

Have a great weekend!

*For those who think people can’t be misled on social media, I again refer you to the Brit who turned the shed behind his house into London’s #1-Yelp-rated restaurant — without serving a single meal.  If one clever person could do that, could not thousands of clever operatives working full time for months have turned 80,000 people in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania away from Hillary?  (Or, put another even more excruciating way: swung 40,000 potential Hillary votes to Trump?  Giving her 40,000 fewer and him 40,000 more — there was the 80,000 margin by which, collectively, he won those three states.)

** Might those stories have been the last straw for some evangelical supporters? Most evangelicals were willing to accept Trump’s lying and womanizing and greed and immodesty, his casinos and bankruptcies and vulgarity — a devil’s bargain to win the Supreme Court.  But might a small sliver of them — say 80,000 in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — have chosen to stay home on Election Day had those stories not been illegally suppressed?


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