Paul Grossinger: “Who would I talk to affiliated with Beto O’Rourke about being a major donor if he chooses to run in 2020 and hosting/cohosting fundraising events on his behalf?”

☞ Major donor is limited to $2,700 in the primary, so no need to talk to anyone – just contribute if he runs.

If he does, he’ll appoint a finance director (and a finance chair) – that’s whom you’d then contact.

That said, I’m hoping we Dems will spend most of our money to beat Republicans, not Democrats.  So for sure we should support the one or two primary candidates we like best — absolutely.

But the big financial effort until we have a nominee should be in building an organization to HAND that nominee so he or she can win the general election.

By way of analogy: I heard Democrats spent more than $70 million on TV ads fighting over the nomination for Florida governor this cycle.  Interestingly, Andrew Gillum, who won that contest, spent almost nothing on TV compared to the others.  Which suggests to me that it’s organizing, more than advertising, that wins races . . .

. . . and leads me to wonder whether Gillum, who came within a hair’s breadth of winning, might have won had perhaps half those $70+ million Democratic dollars spent fighting over the primary on TV been spent, instead, on building an even larger ground game with more organizers to register and turn out voters this past November.

Full speed ahead on your passion to get involved.  So much is at stake.



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