Today is the deadline to send in your fourth quarterly estimated tax payment (if money is due).  Here are the forms and instructions.  You don’t have to file it if you file your complete return by January 31.

With the long weekend ahead, find time to watch the President’s final State of the Union?  How proud Martin Luther King, Jr., would have been, I think, of his accomplishments.

But the main thing is: please don’t buy my book, inasmuch as . . . even though it’s the only one you’ll EVER need . . . there’s a new edition on the way.

Pre-order it at Barnes & Noble here or Amazon here.

Multiple copies to satisfy all your graduation-gift giving needs.

Because you know what they say:  “Give a child some money for graduation and you feed her bad habits for a day.  Teach a child about money, and you put her on the path to financial health and happiness for a lifetime.”



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