The problem is, the TRUTH is liberal. It believes in science. It believes in crowd size. It believes in facts.

It opposes bullying, tax fraud, injustice, illogic, voter suppression — misstatements and lies.

Is the National Enquirer really more professional and reliable than the New York Times or Washington Post?  Are Fox News and Rush Limbaugh really more professional and reliable than CBS and NBC?  Can the leaders of the Republican Party really believe that?

It made me a little nuts to hear a Republican congressman branding the FBI’s Andrew McCabe a liar — in defense, no less, of Donald Trump.  Yet it’s the party line.


It’s really not possible, I think, to listen to his accounts of busting the Russian mafia, reacting to 9/11, overseeing the Boston Marathon bombing, investigating the Clinton emails — everything he’s done in his life and how and why he’s done it — and imagine that he’s anything but the best America has to offer.  Honest, brave, and in it for all the right reasons.



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