But first:

Have some onerous student debt?  Know someone who does?  (Want to help your employees with their debt?)  CommonBond might be able to help.

And now:

I met Zeus (the dog, now seven) when he was just weeks old.  His pal Marc believes it’s important to acknowledge that we’re all in the same boat.  A one-minute video.  Check it out.  (And then, perhaps, the three-minute “about” video where you meet Zeus.)

And by the way?  “I didn’t meet a single one of the models in the video,” Marc writes. “They are all virtual. It’s done with a site called placeit.net and it is amazing.”  Twenty-nine bucks a month — but cheaper than hiring an art department.

In real life, Marc is a communications coach.  He teaches elevator pitches.  On-line, from the comfort of your desk.



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