Holy Cow.  I hate the cold, but I think we need to go!  Look!  I know Northeast China is a bit of a trek but . . . check it out!  Especially those pictures.

Looking for something to binge on?  I’m only two episodes into Grace and Frankie — talk about late to the party! Netflix is about to launch season 3 — and I’m not sure future episodes could possibly be as good.  But if you like Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Jane Fonda, and Sam Waterston, for sure give it a try.  The first episode is wonderfully titled: “The End.”

Joe V: “Do we agree that the Dems can learn something by analyzing how the GOP has attained a net gain of 700+ seats in state legislatures … and control of the whole government?  Watch this 4-minute clip or the complete 43-minute documentary.”

☞ Yep.  It’s the story of REDMAP, based on the unfortunately-titled book by David Daley that I told you about a while back.

The only thing wrong in the 4-minute clip is the last line, where he says we have to wait until 2031 to make it right.  In fact, if we all put our minds to it — or just vote — we can turn it all around in 2018 and 2020.

I don’t care that Kelly Ann Conway promoted Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.  I care that our President lies constantly (or believes what he says, which makes him delusional), is “a national disgrace” (Colin Powell’s all too accurate words) . . . undermines respect for our “so-called” judges and our “very dishonest” press . . . is undignified, dangerous, ignorant, incompetent and somehow in the pocket of Vladimir Putin, who murders journalists and political opponents (but are we such great shakes, Trump asks?) and who has attacked the United States with the goal of destabilizing our precious democracy . . . toward which goal, if the last three weeks are any indication, he has made considerable progress.

We need to fix this. Kelly Ann Conway’s clothing promo is the least of our problems.

Have a great weekend.  And — if you’re of age and not driving or in recovery — a drink.



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