If all goes according to plan, I am out in the middle of a large warm body of water this week.

So I’ll spare you my take on the inauguration — a landslide of an inauguration, with more people attending than any previous inauguration in history.  Period.

Yes, Obama’s astonishing 1.8 million-strong first inauguration (or whatever it was; that’s the figure that sticks in my head) was the previous record-setter . . . and on a frigid day that would have kept any sensible person away.

But this president’s inauguration blew even that away.

You doubt that?  It comes in a clearly considered prepared statement — not an off-the-cuff tweet — straight from the top, to correct reports by the dishonest media.  You shouldn’t trust the media (other than Breitbart and the National Enquirer); you should trust the Trump White House. Period.

(You still doubt it?  Just look at the photos!  Eevn more striking on my computer screen than viewed on TV.)

John Blevins: “You should share this PBS program, Divided States Of America, with your readers so they can understand what happened.”

OK.  I will.  But I’m still marveling at those crowds.  Which were even more remarkable when you consider that DC hotels were not full (as I can ruefully attest, having been stuck with a non-refundable room no one wanted to take off my hands) and when you consider, also, that 96% of DC locals — who’d have found it easiest to attend — were Hillary supporters.  And even with all that working against him, Trump drew a larger crowd to cheer for him in person than to any previous inaugural address in the history of the republic.


[UPDATE: Just watched today’s press briefing.  Spicer did much better.  Let’s hope it continues.]


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