Our new President and Republican Congress have their work cut out for them.

We should help where we agree with their goals; fight respectfully and effectively where we don’t.

Susan Rogan — “a retired university librarian who is an information and fact-checking geek” — posts a daily list of action steps and tips to help us do just that.

For example, 14 items from one day earlier this week. (If you will be marching anywhere this weekend, here is some good advice about protesting with children.)

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On this question of legitimacy referenced yesterday, Bob Miller responds: “The birthers who tried to discredit Obama had no evidence of anything – it was a fantasy made up by unstable people, including Donald Trump. No investigation was begun by the FBI or anyone else because nothing was ever produced to indicate it was anything other than a racist slander. On the other hand, members of Donald Trump’s staff had contacts with a foreign enemy government before the election, and the best intelligence available is that Putin directed a campaign to assist him. Whether Trump is legitimate or illegitimate is yet to be adjudicated. If he was the knowing recipient of Russian assistance [while suggesting it may have been the work of some 400-pound guy on his bed], he would be beyond illegitimate.”



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