Fox News nails Trump budget chief: 3.4 million jobs have been added during Trump’s 19 months, but that’s fewer than the 3.7 million during Obama’s last 19 months.  And as noted Friday: Inflation-adjusted wages rose a quarter of a percent per year under President Obama, but have DECLINED under Trump.

Billionaire Nick Hanauer argues:  “Democrats Must Regain the Center . . . by Moving Hard Left.”

A super-important piece every Dem should read.

I don’t agree with every word — but the gist?  Right on.

I’ve previously linked to this awesome graduation speech — Make Your Bed.  It was delivered by a former Navy SEAL, now retired Admiral, in 2014, long before anyone imagined that a draft-avoiding, tax-avoiding, truth-avoiding, mob-consorting, Hitler-speech-reading, Putin-praising sociopath — who had never done anything for his country — would be elected president.  If you missed that speech, or even if you didn’t, watch it now, knowing that this is the guy — William R. McRaven — who penned the open letter to Trump.

You want a Democratic candidate for 2020?  I can think of loads of terrific choices.  But add Admiral McRaven to the list.

In the meantime:

  1. Join Team Blue.
  2. CrushTheMidterms.  It even designs an action plan for you.
  3. MobilizeAmerica.

No need to choose: sign up with all three.

And if you can — click here.



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