Roger Cohen concludes his recent column (thanks, Glenn!). . .

. . . Once while visiting a military base, President Lyndon B. Johnson started to walk to the wrong helicopter. A soldier intervened, saying, “That’s your helicopter over there, sir.” Johnson replied, “Son, they are all my helicopters.” It was a pithy example both of presidential power and hubris. In the end, however, Johnson was forced to announce he would not run for reelection. It turned out that none of the helicopters were his.

Trump will soon learn the same lesson. It is not his government, it is ours. It is not his White House, it is ours. The deep state is very deep indeed. It booted Nixon from the White House and compelled Clinton to roll up his sleeve. To Trump, it looks like a monster rising from the swamp. To me, it looks like a shivering soldier at Valley Forge.

Russia is working to protect Trump and destroy our democracy.

We are quite literally under attack and our “leader” praises theirs.

Let’s hope it’s our founders’ vision, not Putin’s, that ultimately carries the day.

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  3. MobilizeAmerica.

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MEANWHILE, several of you have asked what’s up with Borealis — jumping from $5 to $8 in just a few days.  I’d like to think it means something, but the stock seems to have made this leap on the purchase of just a few thousand shares.  If someone else should decide to sell a few thousand (perhaps because he or she died waiting?), it might just as quickly retreat.

I can tell you this much: whoever’s been buying shares — 420 of them yesterday alone, more than $3,000 worth (who HAS that kind of money?) — isn’t buying them from me.  If they’re worth $8, they’re worth a lot more.  So I hold on.

(And if they’re not worth $8, it’s a good thing we bought them with money we could truly afford to lose.)



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