I am of two minds about this. If I tell you, you might get the last box in the store, leaving me high and dry. But if I don’t tell you, there might not be enough demand to make it worth the store’s while to keep them in stock. What to do? What to do? Oh, all right. But if you get to the freezer compartment and see just one box left, I want you to wait until they restock: GOOD HUMOR ORIGINAL POPSICAL BRAND SUGAR-FREE TROPICAL ORANGE CARRIBBEAN ICE BARS. Fifteen calories, no fat, each one a guilt-free de-light. Have one every ten minutes for an hour and you’ve burned twice as many calories (just by breathing) as you’ve consumed.

Thorsten Kril: ‘I discovered a simple rule: once a company reaches $500 billion or so in market cap [as Good Humor may, when the word gets out], it will turn south. I sold my CSCO and INTC on that basis last summer. MSFT I missed – it had already dropped from $500B to $250B when I discovered the rule. I never owned GE, but it looks like a good candidate for my rule, too. And yes, I know, rules stop working when you discover them.’

☞ Yes, usually they do. It may be a while before we have a chance to test this one again, though.

David Smith: ‘I read No Such Thing As a Bad Day. It was very moving, and I enjoyed it. If you ever get a chance, read Trashing the Planet and/or Environmental Overkill by Dixy Lee Ray. They’ve really made me think.’

Barry Raine: ‘You may want to tell your readers about airportparkinglots.com a sort of national network of airport parking lot services in and around many airports all over the US. The deal is that if you make advanced reservations for a spot, you save a huge amount of money as I did at Bradley International in Hartford when I needed a last minute flight. $(25 for eight days) Also, I bought the ticket (from Hartford to New Orleans roundtrip on Continental) through lowestfare.com and only paid $207 with only a 36-hour advance purchase.’

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