While Trump* calls House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff “pencil neck,” committee Republicans began Thursday’s hearing by joining Trump’s demand that he resign.

If you’ve not already seen his response in its entirety (five minutes), you must.

In oratory and importance, it exceeds even Joseph Welch’s famous 1954 response to Senator Joseph McCarthy. (“Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?“)

That there is a connection between 1954 and 2019 is almost chilling. 

In 1954, Joseph McCarthy’s despicable right-hand man was Roy Cohn.  Cohn went on to become Trump’s mentor and fixer

Later this year, you can see an entire Sony Pictures Classics film about that — Where’s My Roy Cohn.

In a very real sense, Cohn and McCarthy live on through Trump.

*Objectively: a vulgar, lying, cheating bully and narcissistic sociopath.  No?  Is there any part of that you would dispute?



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