Nick Kristof asks: “At a time when American life expectancy is lower than Chile’s and falling, why would we compound the problem by taking away people’s health insurance?”*

Thinking that maybe Americans should have universal health care (like everyone else in the industrialized world), Bill Maher has a New Rule: Stop being so afraid of “Capitalism Plus”.

Well worth five minutes.  Watch.

*Similarly, at a time when desperate asylum seekers are headed north from troubled countries, why would we cut off aid to those countries and make the desperation worse?  At a time when our infrastructure has become dangerous and uncompetitive, why would we cut taxes rather than hire people to revitalize it?  At a time when the world needs steady, farsighted — competent — leadership, why would we put our faith in a vulgar demagogue who lies constantly, knows little, fits the clinical definition of narcissistic sociopath, and describes himself as “the king of debt?” But I digress.



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