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Was it really just dreadful tailoring? My own guess is that the true explanation is the most obvious one – he was wearing a transmitter. Read this and see what you think. In small part:

The suspicion that Bush had been getting cues or answers in his ear was bolstered by his strange behavior in that first debate, which included several uncomfortably long pauses before and during his answers. On one occasion, he burst out angrily with “Now let me finish!” at a time when nobody was interrupting him and his warning light was not flashing.

. . . Dr. Robert M. Nelson, a 30-year Jet Propulsion Laboratory veteran who works on photo imaging for NASA’s various space probes and currently is part of a photo enhancement team for the Cassini Saturn space probe, entered the picture. Nelson recounts that after seeing the Salon story on the bulge, professional curiosity prompted him to apply his skills at photo enhancement to a digital image he took from a videotape of the first debate. He says that when he saw the results of his efforts, which clearly revealed a significant T-shaped object in the middle of Bush’s back and a wire running up and over his shoulder, he realized it was an important story.

The bigger story here is why there wasn’t a bigger story here. And that is addressed in the link, as well.


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