Think you can’t get there from here? Google now has ‘dynamic, interactive maps.’ Take a look. You can hardly expect Google to someday rule the world without first being able to map it.


Dave Hoopaugh: ‘Sorry, but I do NOT think the fascism video is over the top or offensive. I think those who reject the idea that the current administration is headed that way have their heads in the sand. I was a Naval officer during the Vietnam era and am accustomed to honoring my Commander In Chief – something I can no longer do in good conscience. For the first time in my 62 years, I have become deeply concerned over the direction my country is headed.’

Jeremy Bronson: ‘I woke up this morning (even before I read your entry on the flourishing roots of fascism in America) thinking about why I’m so angry at my friends who are good and decent people but voted for Bush. Last weekend, I saw the excellent play Copenhagen – at least in part about how inaction was as powerful an enabler of the Nazi rise as overt action. So many people look on the bright side of the Bush Administration, focus on their dislike for Kerry and try not to think about the evil Bush does or allows. They are as guilty as the people who poured a year of their lives into reelecting Bush. Is the video you linked to offensive and over the top? Not to me. Not at all.’

☞ Many of you said much the same thing. Even as I share your concerns, I do think it’s indisputable – and germane – that our motives in Iraq and Afghanistan are vastly different from Hitler’s motives in, say, Poland or France. I think we are ‘approaching the foothills of fascism’ – but that with any luck we will turn away long before we get there. But we’re less likely to turn away if we don’t see where we could be headed, which is why I think that flash animation deserves wide distribution.


You’ve probably already seen Rolling Stone‘s overview. If not, and you or anyone you know is between the ages of 18 and 34 . . . or will be . . . click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetness!


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