Yesterday, I quoted and linked to a guest column by Professor Walter Williams all but calling for the President’s impeachment. I jumped to the conclusion it was by the conservative columnist Walter Williams. I am embarrassed to say this was the wrong conclusion to which to jump. It was actually by a different and seemingly less conservative Walter Williams, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, not Professor Walter Williams at George Mason University. It remains a column worth reading, but I obviously regret this error – and thank ‘David,’ the one reader who caught it.


David Royal: ‘If you’re looking for quality talk radio, allow me to suggest Harry Shearer’s ‘Le Show.’ You can get it online here: I’m not sure where you can listen to it on the radio, as I live in Taiwan, so I get all my radio via the internet. He does great skits (providing the voices of Bush Sr., Jr., Cheney et al), and delivers his take on the news. You may recognize the name – he’s the star of films such as ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and he provides many of the voices on ‘The Simpsons.’ I think you’ll like it.’


Colin: ‘David Lloyd-Jones’ comment that it’s the seals fault Cod fisheries have had it is nonsense. Whenever commercial fishing of a species gets started, we lose 90 or more percent of that fish within a few years. It’s clearly not the seals.’

☞ I was going to suggest it was an upsurge in the demand for cod pieces, but then I did a Google search. Oh, my.


Go back and read Matt Miller’s column from yesterday, if you missed it. I think it really helps understand the macro-economic picture. As does Al Gore’s important speech yesterday. Macro-economics matters because, at the end of the day, it’s all about your money.


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