Thursday, I quoted and linked to a guest column by Professor Walter Williams all but calling for the President’s impeachment. I jumped to the conclusion it was by the conservative columnist Walter Williams. I am embarrassed to say this was the wrong conclusion to which to jump. It was actually by a different and seemingly less conservative Walter Williams, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, not Professor Walter Williams at George Mason University. It remains a column worth reading, but I obviously regret this error – and thank ‘David,’ the one reader who caught it.


Barry Bottger: ‘I, too, recommend Harry’s ‘le Show’ broadcast. The other reader that recommended it gave you the address for Harry’s archived shows. But you can hear it live Sundays at 10am Pacific time. The liberal Rush Limbaugh? Harry’s been doing his show longer than Limbaugh (nationally, anyway), although Harry can be quite critical of democrats, as well. At any rate, le Show is *highly* entertaining, regardless of your political bent.’


Dan: ‘Isn’t it time for you to say something to your readers in California who are suffering through national embarrassment because of this Republican attempted coup d’etat mislabelled as a recall? The recall provision dates to a time before multi-millionaires could pay signature collectors to finance the rejection of a democratic election. If the recall wins, a candidate winning a few voters (a small plurality of a large field) will replace a Governor who was elected by far more people. And Arnold Schwarzenegger? A complex multi-billion dollar state government is supposed to be led by someone who has no experience with the organization and no executive or other leadership experience?’

☞ Perhaps instead of starting his managerial career by running the state with the world’s fifth largest economy, Arnold should cut his teeth running something smaller, like GE.

Needless to say, my hope is that – after having a lot of fun with the bikini-wax jokes – people will turn out to vote against the recall. Not so much because they love Gray Davis, if they don’t, but because it sets an unfortunate precedent to have a governor elected by 15% of the voters (or some number like that) replacing one elected by more than half. Did you see the Andy Borowitz on this?




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