Where would I be without Alan Rogowsky sending me URL’s like www.STUPID.com. Sure seemed stupid to me. I bought a tingler, a talking barbecue spatula and a programmable electronic frisbee. Not sure whether any of this stupid stuff will actually come, or what I’ll think of it, but I will be running to the mailbox every day.

One item no one would call stupid is the dishwasher cabinet we imagined Tuesday. David Maymudes was one of several, including a New Zealander, who advised me that something very similar is already for sale! (Click here.) Great minds, and all that. The brochure even says “you can use clean dishes directly from one drawer while loading dirty dishes in the other.”

Look at the way the first letters of these paragraphs cry WOLF. If I got them to spell COKE or NIKE or DELL, could I charge them for it?

Finally, I hope I haven’t totally lost you to the talking barbecue spatula, because — thanks to David Blumgart for this one — if you’re interested in the economy, you should really click . . . here.


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