From the Royal Aeronautical Society comes this report.  I hadn’t known about the Israeli “taxibot” competition.  Seems as though ours is the more elegant solution.  Take a read and see which approach you think is more likely to win the day.


This former Bush 41 Treasury official has some questions about Mitt’s tax returns.  If you can’t get an SBA loan without submitting three years of returns; if Tom Daschle’s appointment to head HHS was scuttled over his failure to report as taxable income the value of his limo perk; and if the nation spent years considering the propriety of the Clintons’ $30,000 loss on a land deal; then perhaps it’s not inappropriate to ask questions about Swiss accounts, Cayman accounts, $100 million IRAs, and the related taxes paid or not paid.


A couple of points about the President who is allegedly anti-business:

> In the last three years or so, the stock market has doubled.

> Corporate profits are at record levels as a percentage of GDP.

Is this consistent with the notion that the Obama Administration has been bad for business?  Is it common knowledge among Romney supporters?

Do they know that more net private-sector jobs were created in President Obama’s first three-and-a-half years than in all Bush’s eight?

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