Last Thursday, I extolled the virtues of not eating much.

neodiehl:  “Or you could have a nice glass of wine . . . ”

Drink a glass of red wine (and get some exercise) every day and you’ll live forever.


In one minute, in case you haven’t seen it.


Could he be more unequivocally pro-choice than in this video montage? Well, he was running for governor of Massachusetts, for Pete’s sake. Now he’s solidly anti-choice. There have been quite a few twists and turns along the way — all of them with that faint tone of exasperation he exhibits when anyone questions his sincerity. The thing to note, however, as he explains, is that he has always been strongly pro-life even when he was unequivocally pro-choice.


Here’s a book, 52 Reasons to Vote for Obama.


There’s been no Borealis news for a while, so the stock has pulled back to around $10.   . . .  For those of us who’ve bought a few shares (or in  my case, a slew), mostly in the $3 to $4 range (though some as high as $16 and one of you at $21), we just sit and wait.  For those who failed to buy and feel you “missed it,” I want to say two things: first, you haven’t; second, you should only buy shares with money you can truly afford to lose (and with a “limit” order, so you don’t accidentally find yourself paying $21).  That second point is, I trust, obvious.  Unlike blue chips like Enron or General Motors or Lehman Brothers where you might have lost most or all your money, Borealis is a speculation where you might lose all or most of your money.  But if WheelTug does get certified and leased to airlines around the world, it is not crazy to imagine that all airplanes will wants this capability, just as all TV’s now come with remote controls . . . at which point, the company could be worth billions of dollars even without allowing for the possibility that the same technology could be useful elsewhere (automobiles?) or that the company’s other technologies, and even its mineral holdings, could have value.  So if you want a lottery ticket where there is a 50% chance, say, that you lose all your money, but a 40% chance you might make a tenfold gain and a 10% chance you make a 100-fold gain, this is, in my view, that ticket.  Knowing that there’s a real chance that, as with any lottery ticket, you will lose your money.


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