My friend Brian woke at 4am Easter night (technically, Monday morning) remembering he’d not got the vacuum cleaner his bi-weekly housekeeper needed.

Before rolling over back to sleep, he reached for his phone, visited Amazon Prime Now (do they have it where you live?) and for . . . are . . . you . . . sitting  . . . down ? . . . nineteen dollars and ninety-six cents, got this one and — are you still sitting down? — it arrived at 7:49am.

No charge for delivery, just a tip.

(For delivery within an hour, there’s a charge.)

And this even before vacuum cleaners are flying through the air hooked to delivery drones that Hoover outside your window like hummingbirds, waiting to be unhooked before the next drone arrives with pizza.

And what about glasses?  They used to cost so much!

Warby Parker sends a case of five frames you’ve selected to try on for free before purchasing — if you like one — at a fraction of the cost.

Glasses USA — which has rimless options — let’s you try them on instantly, on your computer.  Just upload a photo of yourself, and — you’ll see.  It’s fun.



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